Bugzilla 700,000 Bug Sweepstake Results

Milestone bugzilla.mozilla.org bug 700,000 was filed on 2011-11-04 at 18:53 ZST by Justin Dolske. The title of the bug is “Buy Firefox developers some beer”, and it seems that this is exactly what he’s going to do. Read the bug for details of how to claim. He might end up a little less out of pocket if one of bugs 699997 to 699999 had ended up as bug 700000 – because they promised to buy Firefox developers some pie, cheese and bacon respectively. (Normally we at Bugzilla Sweepstake Central frown on funny business surrounding the filing of the key bug, but we will graciously overlook it in this case.)

The winner of the sweepstake to guess the date and time is Francesco Lodolo, who guessed 2011-11-05 15:14:00 – only 20 hours and 21 minutes out. Compared to last time’s difference of over 10 days, that’s pretty good! Also in contrast to last time, most entrants under-estimated; they thought it would take less long than it did to get here.

Francesco writes:

My name is Francesco Lodolo, nickname flod, and I started contributing to the Italian community at the beginning of 2004. Right now I’m in charge of the localization of Firefox (desktop and mobile), web contents and AMO in Italian.

Francesco wins a Firefox backpack. The two runners-up are Christopher De Cairos, who came in a very close second, being only 1d 9h 23m out, and Steven Bensky (3d 7h 8m out). They both win their choice of a t-shirt from the Mozilla store. Christopher writes:

My name is Christopher De Cairos. I live in Ontario, where I work for Seneca College’s Center for Development of Open Technology (CDOT). I got involved with Mozilla through taking Dave Humphrey’s open source development class, which introduced me to the concept of open source. After getting hired by CDOT I got involved in the development of Popcorn.js and Popcorn Maker.

Steven writes:

I call myself a “bookkeeper”. Good enough for the IRS, good enough for everyone else. Perhaps a bit more, perhaps a bit less. I work in the family construction business. I’m a Mozilla end user – SeaMonkey, in particular.

I’ve been using “mozilla” since the days of Netscape. After Netscape 4, the natural progression for me was Mozilla 0.x. Then from Mozilla 1.7 to SeaMonkey. And here I am.

Generally active at MozillaZine. Usually on ChatZilla in #seamonkey. Have filed a handful of bugs. Try to help out in resolving bugs where I can. (Not a coder, so can’t help in that respect.) Otherwise, I try to help out where I can, while learning at the same time.

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