“Who Owns What?” Tool: Ideas Sought

I want to build a web-based tool to help people in Mozilla answer the question “Who Owns What?” Questions like: who’s in charge of Layout? Who runs Persona? Who do I talk to about the Thunderbird feed reader?

The data source would be the Module Owners list, which was carefully designed to be machine-readable in its source format. Compared to most databases, it’s a very small amount of data indeed.

The UI would, I hope, be a single search box, which would return one or more complete entries from the list which had a textual match, with the match highlighted.

This seems to me like it’s a very standard database-backed website, of the type that people build every day. I’m sure there are tools and frameworks out there which will do much of the heavy lifting for me, including a decent search system with some sort of intelligence to it.

Can the Mozilla community tell me what I should be using? An install of this software will need to be supported by Mozilla IT. Is Bedrock the right tool for the job?

User interface input also welcomed.

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