GSoC 2013 Project List

The Google Summer of Code students got chosen 2 weeks ago, and I am pleased to list the 21 projects being done under the Mozilla banner – a new high for the Mozilla project. The name of each student is linked to the location where they will be posting weekly updates on their progress, if you want to follow along with a project you are interested in. I’m sure they would appreciate any help or advice you have :-) Please make them feel welcome!

Project Student Mentor
Improving Text Selection and Rotation in PDF.js Srishti Srivastava Bill Walker
Designing Hacktivities (Meemoo) Matthias Brown Forrest Oliphant
Dynamically Configurable Actions add-on (ZAP) Alessandro Secco Simon Bennetts
Autosuggest Search Engines (Firefox) Sankha Narayan Guria Matthew Noorenberghe
Clearer Add-on Installation (Firefox) Sachin Hosmani Jorge Villalobos
Enhanced Customization APIs (Firefox) Riadh Chtara Kris Maglione
Additional JavaScript Protocol Plug-ins – Yahoo! (Instantbird) Quentin Headen Patrick Cloke
Awesometab (Instantbird) Nihanth Subramanya Benedikt Pfeifer
Profile in the Cloud (PiCl) Client (Firefox OS) Akshay Katyal Jed Parsons
Prototype HTTP/2 Server Gábor Molnár Nick Hurley
Debug Symbol Generation (Rust) Michael Woerister Josh Matthews
Implement Branch Prediction (IonMonkey) Wei Wu Nicolas B. Pierron
Make Firefox Developer Tools Compatible With Thunderbird Philipp Kewisch Mike Conley
Security Report (Firefox) Kailas Ravsaheb Patil Mark Goodwin
CSS Generation Tools (MDN) Gabriel Ivanica Jean-Yves Perrier
Unit Tests for Mozbase Anhad Jai Singh Clint Talbert
Backend Connectors for Ensemble (Thunderbird) Jonathan Demelo Mike Conley
Localization Dashboard Berker Peksag John Karahalis
FileLinks in Instant Messages Instantbird) Atul Jangra Florian Quèze
Sample Apps for Firefox Marketplace Developer Hub (Firefox OS) Andre Alves Garzia Marcos Caceres
about:memory for Real People (Firefox) Abhishek Choudhary Felipe Gomes

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  1. Gerv, the about:memory project update location link is wrong. It points at the L10n dashboard project.

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