First Post

It is time.

I’ve always said to myself that I’d get a blog only when I had something useful to say on it. Several times in the past couple of months, I’ve thought “I could put that on my blog – if I had one” – and so here it is. Expect entries on Mozilla, Bugzilla, hacking in general, and other things of importance in my life.

Thanks to MozillaZine for hosting (I’m honoured to be in such distinguished company), and to Movable Style for the stylesheet.

So why the title? Simply because it sums up why I do what I do. Jesus is my Lord and Saviour; my life is focussed on His priorities. I recognise that I’ve been given a gift by God – the ability to write software – and I want to use it for His glory.

7 thoughts on “First Post

  1. hacking for christ

    Gerv’s got a blog. Adding his two cents to the Mozilla blog pot, Gervase Markham, of staff, has just started up a blog called Hacking for Christ. If you’re interested in “Mozilla, Bugzilla, hacking in general, and other things of importance…

  2. Cool. It’s nice to see people who beleive in God and not be ashamed of it.

    I’m not at all religious, but I do believe in God, Christ and what he has done with us.

    Cool to see people expressing it.

  3. Cool :)

    I look forward to seeing some cool stuff here. I’m glad you’re expressing your faith through your blog; that’s quite admirable. ;)

    –Grace and Peace–

    – Hunter

  4. Welcome!

    I’m sure we’ll be reading some awesome stuff here and I’m looking forward to your observations.

    Besides Mozilla et al, what other stuff do you work on?

    Thank you for standing up and being counted! It’s really awesome that you’re focused on the Lord and making Him known in the world. Same here. I’ve been given everything by the grace of God!

    Take Care,

  5. He’s Always Working

    This past Sunday, someone I hadn’t seen in a while came up to me and told me she had prayed for me that day. What a comforting thought to think that others are lifting me up when I don’t even know or ask! I also stumbled across a new blog, Hacking for …

  6. what makes firefox great

    One of the things that I believe makes Firefox such a great application is that it doesn’t try to please everyone. Instead, it leaves niche features to extensions. While I personally don’t need a Bible Toolbar, there’s probably an audience for it….