Dell Tech Support Scripts

Hixie writes (about half way down) about “reverse-engineering the Dell Support Broken Disk Script” in order to persuade Dell to fix his Inspiron.

This week, due to lack of 31337 script reverse-engineering skills, I had to execute the entirety of the Dell Support Broken CD-Writer Script with a nice lady from Bangalore. The writer had died part way through a batch of CDs, and was refusing to recognise that I’d inserted a blank disk. Several bits of the conversation went like this:

“But it can’t be a software problem, because it won’t write CDs under Linux either.”

“Of course, sir. Now, if you’ll just roll back your Windows install for me…”

Dell technical support people have an amazing way of agreeing with everything you say and then politely ignoring it. Executing the script took the best part of an hour, and would probably have taken much longer if I didn’t know what I was doing and so was able to do it very quickly when asked.

It’s almost not worth it for a £30 component. Hey, wait, maybe that’s their plan…

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