CT picture of my liver lump - 6cm across

My scans have arrived :-) Here’s a good picture of the lump, at its largest. It’s the light-coloured round-ish thing on the left of the picture, which is the right hand side of me. Impressive, huh? The scan report describes it as “well-circumscribed” and suggests that none of the major veins or ducts are (yet) involved. I have an appointment with a liver specialist next Monday.

The scan folder contains all sorts of images in all sorts of configurations. Some I’ll keep to myself for the sake of modesty but, just for fun, here’s a fairly low-res animated GIF (500k) of a 360 degree 3D view of my head and shoulders. Thanks to ImageMagick for the heavy lifting. Can’t wait for it to support APNG ;-)

4 thoughts on “Scans

  1. I like the animation! It’s a shame the reason for the source imagery (especially the anomalies on the liver images) are not something to be particularly cheerful about.

    Best of luck and strength with the next steps! I’m told the liver is one of the few things that grows back provided you don’t take too much of it away. I have no idea where tennisballs fit into this equation though.

    Keep up the good spirits. :-)

  2. Hello Gerv,

    I met your blog because I am researching cancer/radiotherapy on the web for my work. Much impressed by the combination of your sense of humor, your passion for Firefox and your love for God in a time of uncertainty. I hope you can cope with fear, that Jesus is close to you. Your blog is full of confirmations about that. I like you. God loves you. CU. JW.