NNTP web UI?

Does anyone know of a decent open source web-based UI for newsgroups? I don’t mean something like Google Groups or Gmane, I mean something that one can deploy to provide a web UI to one’s own NNTP server. Has anyone written that?

5 thoughts on “NNTP web UI?

  1. It’s an interesting subject for me also, but I just can’t find much about it. I made me think of the interface Stephane Marchau had written for the free usenet access on http://www.mes-news.com, based on some serious thinking on how to make a very decent interface, but it’s down now, and it seems he never released publicly, have no idea how to contact him.

    I just saw that Dnews has a web interface DNewsWeb and there’s also SurgeNews, but I had no idea until now Dnews was a commercial software …

  2. TR-NewsPortal doesn’t look like it’s been updated in about 5 years. It was also a fork of another product called NewsPortal, which is still being actively maintained (last release was just 2 months ago). I’ve been playing around a little with NewsPortal, it works well, but it’s a far cry from Google Groups. :) Might be a good starting point though.

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