MPL “Initial Developer” For Mozilla Employees

If you are an employee or contractor of the Mozilla Foundation or any of its subsidiaries (Mozilla Corporation, Mozilla Messaging, Mozilla Denmark, Mozilla Online, Mozilla Canada and Mozilla New Zealand) the “Initial Developer” section in the MPL header of new files you create should appear as follows:

The Initial Developer of the Original Code is
the Mozilla Foundation.

Also, please add the header using the official boilerplate rather than copying it from another file. The Mozilla Foundation, rather than any of the subsidiaries, holds the copyrights to work done by people in the above category. “” is not a legal entity, and so is also not correct.


3 thoughts on “MPL “Initial Developer” For Mozilla Employees

  1. Are you sure? (Just to play devil’s advocate). I’ve always done it with initial developer = Mozilla Corporation, but still stating “portions contributed by initial developer are Copyright Mozilla Foundation”. Which seems plenty accurate to me (that pretty clearly states I wrote it under the employ of the Corporation, but the Foundation owns the rights).

  2. Yes, I’m sure :-) The MPL 1.1 examples/FAQ/info say that the name in those two blank spaces should be the same. Making them different is just confusing.

    Although this issue will become less important, when/if we switch to MPL 2.


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