Hoax: Mozilla Firefox Online Promo

I have recently had several reports of emails circulating like the following. These emails are fraudulent – Mozilla is not giving away £750,000, and if we did, we would not just randomly email people and offer them the money.


Your E-mail Address has won (Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Great British Pounds only) GBP750,000 in the Mozilla Firefox Online promo recently conducted. To claim the prize, contact us back for confirmation at: <address removed>


Yours faithfully,

Sir. Nelson Gordon
Coordinator Mozilla Firefox Online Promo

Hopefully this blog post should show up in web searches for people who are smart enough to check before replying.

4 thoughts on “Hoax: Mozilla Firefox Online Promo

  1. Yeh..I got many of these :) Somehow they are targeting FF fans :) Initial reaction by looking at subjectline is…Hmm..something for Mozilla..:) then “Spam” :)

  2. For what it’s worth, I had received the same message in late june, and tried to send it to legal (at) lists.m.o, and since it doesn’t show up in the archive, I have no idea if it ever reached anyone. Which leads to the question: do we have a way to report these?

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