How To Be A Mozillian; How To Work In Community

That was the title of my session at the recent Mozilla All Hands. It’s an introduction for new Mozillians, particularly MoCo employees, as to how we do things at Mozilla, and why.

Thanks to our excellent video team, it was recorded and is now available as a WebM video. I should say that the recording was at my request, it happened without a lapel mic, and the relatively poor quality of the video should not be seen as a reflection on the standards or professionalism of our excellent videographers :-) Still, I hope it’s good enough to watch.

The talk outline is as follows:

Working as part of an open source community is very unlike working at a company. So how do you do both at once? How do you wear two hats, and what’s the relationship between the two? Or is it a matter of hats at all?

In this presentation you will learn:

  • Why Mozilla is unlike anywhere else you’ve ever worked
  • The skills you need to do your job well and efficiently in the open
  • When, how, how much and with whom to communicate
  • How to empower other community members
  • Techniques for dealing with trolls, time-wasters, the angry and the apathetic
  • How to reap the rewards of openness, get things done and retain your sanity
  • Why getting this right is vital to our success

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