MPL 2 Lands On mozilla-central

15541 files changed, 48359 insertions(+), 494914 deletions(-)

So that’s about 450,000 fewer lines of code in the codebase…

5 thoughts on “MPL 2 Lands On mozilla-central

  1. And with HG you download the entire history, so… it’s not actually any smaller. Still cool though.

    • But for tar and other things it’s better. Also 450k lines less to parse should boost a little bit compile times. I’m wondering how much compile time is gained by just this change.

      • > I’m wondering how much compile time is gained

        Not enough to matter. The preprocessor spends (or, now, doesn’t spend) a couple of clock cycles per character looking for where the comment ends, and that’s it. It’s like trying to improve the speed of a dump truck by scraping off some of the paint to cut down on weight. Technically, any physics major can tell you that, on paper, you *can* make the truck weigh (a little) less by scraping off paint, and technically the truck’s weight *is* relevant to how fast it can go, but in practice you’re fundamentally not going to change its speed in any way that matters by scraping off a little paint.

        The real advantage is that people who are looking at the code (and don’t happen to have kill-a-lawyer.el or something similar installed) no longer have to scroll past all that.

  2. The new headers are so short, it’s *weird*. But I’m sure I’ll get used to it :)