What New Mozillians Need To Know

At MozCampEU 2012 (which was awesome), we had a “Governance Town Hall” to discuss various governance issues. For one of them, the assembled company split into groups of 6 or so to discuss the question (from memory): “What does a new Mozillian need to know to be effective and happy in their first 90 days?”

The collected feedback from the groups is now available on the Mozilla Etherpad, and has been passed to the team working on “Red Carpet”, the ‘onboarding’ (<sigh>… verbing weirds language) tool which is being developed to help all new Mozillians. If someone feels like analysing the feedback from the different groups looking for common threads, that would be super.

If you have additional answers to that question which are not represented in those lists, please send them to Mihca Degele at mlastname@mozilla.com.

2 thoughts on “What New Mozillians Need To Know

  1. > (… verbing weirds language)

    Although I don’t disagree with the thrust of this complaint, I’ll point out that the OED has a citation for “verbing” from 1766, and has three citations for “verbing”, starting in 1936. I particularly like

    1978 – Verbatim – Sept. 7/1 – “Take..the four names of the four seasons. Two have been verbed, and two have not. One summers, in Maine, and winters, perhaps, in Florida.”

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