Persona Login Now Fully Enabled On

[Update 2013-01-23 18:35 GMT – turns out there are a couple of Persona features we still need to be absolutely certain that this is a good thing. The change has been reverted until we’ve got those. Sorry for any confusion.]

In April last year, we enabled Persona logins on using a Bugzilla extension I wrote. However, we restricted this login method to low-privilege accounts only while Persona and the extension both matured.

I’m pleased to say that, as of now, unless you are a member of the administrative Bugzilla groups “admin”, “editusers” or “editgroups”, or the “legal” group, then you can now use Persona to log in to :-) In particular, this means all Mozilla employees and security group members can now log in this way.

Make sure you use the correct email address; if you pick a different one to your usual one, Bugzilla will auto-create a Bugzilla account for it.

If for some reason you want b.m.o. not to accept Persona logins for your account, you can do so; file a bug to have your account manually added back to the “no-browser-id” group.

4 thoughts on “Persona Login Now Fully Enabled On

  1. Hmm, just to double check, this means the Persona login must be a valid mailbox, right? (That’s not always true in my case; I assume that means I shouldn’t switch over in this case, since bugmail is very useful for me. Think but permanent.)

  2. If you log in to Bugzilla via Persona with an email address which does not already have a Bugzilla account associated with it, one will be automatically created for you. Does that answer your question?


  3. Thanks! Your reply didn’t directly answer it, but I think the assumptions do. What I wanted was, basically, to have the login (which is, in fact, not an e-mail address) disconnected from the e-mail address that things will be sent to. It sounds like this won’t be possible (and perhaps may not even be on the table).

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