Summer of Code 2013

Summer of Code[0] 2013 is on! The Mozilla Project is hoping to be involved again, so in the next five weeks we need to produce a list of suitable projects to support our application.

Can you think of an 8-week task you might be able to guide a student through? It doesn’t matter where in Mozilla you contribute. We are collecting project ideas for every part of the project – Firefox, Firefox OS, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Bugzilla, L10n, NSS, IT, Documentation and many more.

If you have an idea, put it on the Brainstorming page, which is our idea development scratchpad. Please read the instructions at the top – following them vastly increases your chances of your idea getting added to the formal Ideas page.

[0] For those who are not familiar with it, Summer of Code is where Google pays students to work on free software projects – as long as those projects can provide support and a mentor for the particular task the student is undertaking. This is a great opportunity for us as a project to introduce new people to Mozilla, and for you as an individual to get new people involved in your team :-) In the past, it has been the source of major features of our flagship products. For example, the 3D web page debugging tool Tilt started life as a SoC project.

16 thoughts on “Summer of Code 2013

  1. I m looking forward to have a project for Mozilla this summer along with Google Summer of Code 2013 . I hope this would make it the best summer for me with some nice geeky stuff !!

  2. يشرفني أن أساهم معكم في مشروعكم هذا على أن أكون بدراية عن المعلومات المطلوبة والمهمة في نقس الوقت وأود أن أكون مساهم معكم ؟ وفي إنتظار ردكم تقبلوا مني فائق التقدير والاحترام وشكرا .

  3. You can apply for any of the projects on our proposals page, but one of the rules of GSoC is that the projects are one-person projects, not group projects.


  4. I think it’s highly likely that any successful students will be able to read and write English. It’s not really possible to be involved in core Mozilla activities (other than doing l10n) without that skill.

  5. I was interested in contributing to Mozilla through Google Summer of Code.
    Can you guide me a little bit for the same.

  6. “Website ideas” is a very general term. There may be projects to work on Mozilla’s existing websites but it’s unlikely we’d do a new from-scratch one as a GSoC project. Still, check the Ideas list when it’s fully populated.

  7. Hey,
    Has the idea page not yet updated? I am not able to find the ideas or the mentor!!

  8. We are still gathering ideas; the application deadline for organizations is not until the end of this month, and the application deadline for students is further away still.

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