“Understanding Mozilla: Communications” v0.1

On February 27th, I blogged my intention to produce a 5-minute Popcorn short on communications in Mozilla. I got most of it done before other exciting events intervened (3 days early :-) so there has been a small delay but now I have a version 0.1 to share with you. Please comment with improvements.

It has a number of known issues:

  • The voice-over is a bit pedestrian in tone
  • Needs a better video to demonstrate IRC (ideally of Mozilla IRC)
  • Needs a better video to demonstrate Vidyo (currently using a section of a weekly meeting, which isn’t really Vidyo)
  • Some screenshots contain mouse pointers

Feel free to remix it and fix any or all of these things; that’s the beauty of Popcorn Maker!

While making it, I found several bugs/made several suggestions for enhancement in Popcorn, which were gratefully accepted by the developers.

Yay for open source :-)

8 thoughts on ““Understanding Mozilla: Communications” v0.1

  1. If there’s a link to Johnath’s video introduction to bugzilla, I didn’t find it. Is that missing? Or make it more prominent?

  2. Good point; there’s no link, I embedded the video instead. But that’s not helpful! :-) I’ll fix that.

  3. Hey this is really great and the voice-over was fine.
    Providing links is a big plus and should serve to be very helpful for new and potential contributors.
    I’m wondering though, will people be aware that they are clickable links?
    I’m sure that can easily be addressed by noting it in the video or a description beforehand.

    …”daunting, but it’s loveable really” :)

  4. The very first “slide” explicitly says that links are clickable, at the bottom below the title. This is perhaps easier to see if you watch it larger than the embed here.

  5. From a content perspective, this is great! New Mozillians need this kind of stuff.
    For others interested in playing more with how to “script” ideas, the Capture Mozilla project’s awesome contributor Sean Bolton has built a few tools you can find on the Video Sprint wiki page https://wiki.mozilla.org/Capture_Mozilla/video_sprint (near the bottom of the page)

    David Boswell will be hosting a sprint beta using this material at the Community Builders Meetup in Toronto this week. Wondering what they’ll make?

    …and love the shot of Johnath. That kind of fun goes a long way.

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