Google Concedes Google Code Not Good Enough?

Google recently released an update to End-to-End, their communications security tool. As part of the announcement, they said:

We’re migrating End-To-End to GitHub. We’ve always believed strongly that End-To-End must be an open source project, and we think that using GitHub will allow us to work together even better with the community.

They didn’t specifically say how it was hosted before, but a look at the original announcement tells us it was here – on Google Code. And indeed, when you visit that link now, it says “Project “end-to-end” has moved to another location on the Internet”, and offers a link to the Github repo.

Is Google admitting that Google Code just doesn’t cut it any more? It certainly doesn’t have anything like the feature set of Github. Will we see it in the next round of Google spring-cleaning in 2015?

2 thoughts on “Google Concedes Google Code Not Good Enough?

  1. The writing has been on the wall for Google Code for a while now. This isn’t the first Google project to move off Google Code.

    Bitbucket appears to have given up on doing anything except copy GitHub.

    GitHub won’t allow GitHub Enterprise installs to be available on the public internet.

    I dare say the GitHub monoculture is here. Let’s hope GitHub doesn’t get too aggressive about building a walled garden now that they practically have the market cornered.

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