Happy Birthday, Mozilla!

17 years ago today, the code shipped, and the Mozilla project was born. I’ve been involved for over 15 of those years, and it’s been a fantastic ride. With Firefox OS taking off, and freedom coming to the mobile space (compare: when the original code shipped, the hottest new thing you could download to your phone was a ringtone), I can’t wait to see where we go next.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mozilla!

  1. Impressive!

    I thought I remembered you pushing it when at university from day one, when a project was being organised. Or do the times above relate to formal/organistional involvement?

  2. Well, I normally date my involvement from the creation of my Bugzilla account, in January 2000 – which was after I switched to Computation and had caught up with the missed material from year 1 of that course. I may well have been a user and promoter before that, but I don’t have any evidence of such…

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