Mozilla Strategy and Vision

Not sure if I wasn’t paying enough attention, but I entirely missed the “Mozilla Strategy Articulation and 2016 Topline Targets” session from two weeks ago, recorded on Air Mozilla. This was the start of the 2016 planning process, where Chris Beard outlines our mission and 5-year vision. It should be required viewing for everyone interested in where Mozilla is or should be going in 2016, and in the next 5 years. We are planning for 2016 now; your input is welcomed.

3 thoughts on “Mozilla Strategy and Vision

  1. The requirement to sign in doesn’t just mean it’s only available to employees. Mozilla is a community – but when we are discussing our vision and values, we’d rather do that in a space where the community is but the peanut gallery isn’t. I think that’s fine.

    If the video were employees only, I’d agree that there was a problem.

  2. As a card-carrying member of the peanut gallery, I’m fine with that. I hope and expect that this round of planning will lead eventually to public statements from cbeard and others, explaining not only the results but what considerations led to them.

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