Someone Thought This Was A Good Idea

You know that problem where you want to label a coffee pot, but you just don’t have the right label? Technology to the rescue!


Of course, new technology does come with some disadvantages compared to the old, as well as its many advantages:


And pinch-to-zoom on the picture viewer (because that’s what it uses) does mean you can play some slightly mean tricks on people looking for their caffeine fix:


And how do you define what label the tablet displays? Easy:


Seriously, can any reader give me one single advantage this system has over a paper label?

4 thoughts on “Someone Thought This Was A Good Idea

  1. Oh, there is plenty of advantages. For once, your cafeteria can show off its top notch technology. It’s 21st century after all, people tend to forget. And then… Well, ok, it’s probably the only advantage. This setup does make sense if you want to update displays remotely easily – but a cafeteria isn’t the place where this would make sense. After all, you still have to change the coffee pot manually :-). Never mind having to change the approach towards feeding content over Wifi rather than SD cards. And that a typical cafeteria isn’t really equipped for implementing this securely.

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  3. The potential for localization or accessibility, e.g. text to speech? Other than that, dunno.

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