I Have a Mozilla Job!

I’m extremely happy to be able to say that my company, Data Connection, is evaluating the Mozilla platform for use as the basis of an upcoming project. If the evaluation goes well, I will be moving to work on that project for the forseeable future.

As you might expect, I can’t say any more at this stage. But basically: working with Mozilla is going to be my job – a real answer to prayer! Party! ;-)

2 thoughts on “I Have a Mozilla Job!

  1. Hey Gerv~
    God bless your work bro. I’m not an actual Hacker, just hack-curious more than anything. Just like studying internet security issues, and open souce developments.

    Give me a yell sometime. If you want to tweak your MT blog for Google SEO there are some great links to check out. I’m working on a tech page in the next month.

    Peace in Christ,
    Michael Paul

  2. Sweet!
    Any news on this? Are they definitally going to do this? Or is this just something they are still evaluating?