Pond Scum

Just when you think spammers, scammers and virus writers can’t sink any lower…

The Mozilla newsgroups are getting a few posts which attempt to persuade you to run some dodgy .scr file using pathetic attempts at social engineering. There are usually several posts with the same file, using a different technique. This time round, the first try was “american idol cat fight topless”. So nothing much new there, then. But the second was “iraq murder video gi head cut off”.

What scares me most is that there are people out there who would double-click such an attachment. Whatever they get, serves them right.

2 thoughts on “Pond Scum

  1. What I really dislike are the Nigerian Email scams hitting me up because I’m a Christian. I’ve gotten over 100 of them since Christmas.

    Can you isolate these attachments and view them if your not running Windows. Say I’m using Mozilla on my LInux box and wanted to view the source code for one of these. Is it cool to mess with it?? Not that I would understand much of the source code, but you do find some interesting messages in some viurs source code. Looked at some that was posted online.