Mozilla 1.8 With Added Spyware recently received the following email:


My name is Jered Goodyear and I am a Sr. Media Buyer for a full-service online
marketing company called Mindset Interactive.  Our consumer brand is Addictive
Technologies. We currently partner with 4 different products and deliver these
to the end-user through ad prompted installs and by bundling our .exe file with
other dowloadable products.  I think that the latter would be a good opportunity
for the both of us, co-bundling our .exe with your free downloads.

With the amount of downloads you are getting monthly, this could be a large
source of additional money.

Please contact me so that we may discuss the possibilities further.

Thanks.  I hope to hear back from you soon.

- Jered

Of course, I replied immediately, expressing interest and asking for more information. will certainly be vigorously pursuing this offer, and we hope to include Mindset Interactive’s spywaresoftware with our next release.


5 thoughts on “Mozilla 1.8 With Added Spyware

  1. Perhaps you should tell them that you are interested if they tri-license their software as open-source MPL/GPL/LGPL, since that is how Mozilla operates. It would be interesting to hear their response, even if you don’t intend to follow through.

  2. :D Why don’t i just install the spyware directly and collect the money myself? Give me the address of that Jered guy :9~