This still counts as “mid-20s”, right?

It’s my birthday today. I’m 26.

I plan to celebrate by watching England soundly beat Croatia and march forward triumphantly into the quarter-finals of Euro 2004.

Update: we won (of course). Wayne Rooney is a star. Next up, Portugal.

12 thoughts on “This still counts as “mid-20s”, right?

  1. England beat Croatia ??!!

    It’ll be another England – France like game more like it.

    All Hail Zidane :-)

  2. Happy Birthday Gerv :)

    Thanks for Your work and I do hope that You’ll still make awsome job with satisfaction :)

    Even if I don’t belive in this English team, and i do belive that Croatia will win ;)

  3. Happy Birthday! and, May you have many more!!!

    I wish they would broadcast more Euro Cup action in the US…

  4. and Germany is allready home. lost and out when I had birthday. this reminds me what the original topic was: Happy Birthday Gerv (might be a little late but if i recall correct I congratulated over in asa`s blog)