Dev Day Lineup Complete

The talk line-up for the Mozilla Developer Day on 6th August is now complete. Here’s what you’ll be getting:

  • Mozilla Foundation Update (Mitchell Baker/Chris Hofmann)
  • Roadmap Overview (Brendan Eich)
  • The Road to Mozilla 2.0 (Mike Shaver)
  • New Layout and Rendering Features for Gecko (Robert O’Callahan)
  • Accessibility Intro for Mozilla hackers – Why, What and How (Aaron Leventhal)
  • Hello, World – Application Opportunities with Mozilla’s XUL (Nigel McFarlane)
  • How to Improve Web Site Compatibility Using Mozilla (Bob Clary)
  • Backwards Compatibility in Gecko (Robert O’Callahan)
  • Forumzilla (Myk Melez)
  • Firefox Rollout Plans/Marketing Plan (Rafael Ebron)

What are you waiting for, west-coasters? Register today! I really wish I could be there. it had better be recorded, or there’ll be trouble…

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