Gerv’s not very well!!

Gerv’s currently in Hospital, but he will be back soon.

Those Christians among you, please pray that he would trust continually in Christ as his strength and as his Creator!

Psalm 28:7

26 thoughts on “Gerv’s not very well!!

  1. Gerv,
    All my prayers to you. Non Christians also can pray for you. Hope you well. Come back soon! I love the fact that you are a technology person and still have deep trust in Jesus. That is the way to go. When we gain intelligence and knowledge, foolishly we think that God is just a figment of creation of man, but time and time again, it comes up and is proven that God is the only one, and all we are his figment of his imagination! And probably the most scientific methods exists from a land named India, which has tremendous scientific knowledge in the proof!

    Get well soon, we all want you back ASAP!

    Hem Ramachandran

  2. gerv’s in the hospital

    A post over at Gerv’s weblog says he’s in the hospital again. If you know him, or even if you don’t, I’m sure that he would appreciate your keeping him in your thoughts. Get well soon, Gerv….

  3. i wish from heart, he recovers well soon. i am a muslim tough, if that matters..

  4. hey. appendicitis sucks. i would know. been there, done that and all.. took a few weeks to fully recover after the operation. so take it easy. and ride on the sympathy wave :P

  5. Prayers going out for you Gerv.

    Mozilla needs you, and I need Mozilla, and that is the closest I’ll ever get to telling another man “I need you”… ;-)

  6. Thy name is my healing, Oh my God, and remembrance of Thee is my remedy. Nearness to Thee is my hope, and love for Thee is my companion. Thy mercy to me is my healing and my succor in both this world to come. Thou, verily, art the All-Bountiful, the All-Knowing, the All-Wise. -Bah�’u’ll�h

  7. musings on theology

    Gerv recently posted an update after his recovery from appendicitis (and we’re glad you’re back!). Many well wishers left comments on his blog, and while he thanked them for their sentiment, he went on to say that most of them…