“Patriarchal colonizer!”

And now for something a bit different.

I wouldn’t normally blog about net-circulated jokes, but I came across a copy of this (warning: bad language) on my hard-drive and thought that I must re-share it. It has the twin distinctions of being both one of the best circular emails I’ve ever received, and one of the least common. I only ever got it once.

My copy wasn’t entitled “The lowest-rated Jerry Springer show ever”, and I definitely think that’s a bad title. I never watch Springer, because I think what he does is truly sick, but I’d bet he’d get a whole new audience if the average episode went anything like that…

3 thoughts on ““Patriarchal colonizer!”

  1. Man, this is one of the funniest intellectual jokes I’ve read in ages. My stomach’s going to be sore in the morning from laughing so hard. :)