EuroFoo Day 1

Having just discovered that UTwente‘s campus-wide WiFi (why do UK universities not have this?) works in my hotel room, I thought I should make like Ben Hammersley, Guardian tech-writer and UK blogorati (who’s also here) and blog the conference “live”.

I had to get up at 7am to get a train to Heathrow for my flight to Schipol, eventually ending up in Enschede (which I now know is pronounced En-sked-ee) just after five. I took a taxi to the conference hotel to meet up with the other attendees.

EuroFoo is a very informal conference – the idea is that the participants determine the agenda. So after dinner, we spent the evening doing introductions (with 138 people, it’s strictly name, country and five words to describe yourself) and designing the conference programme on some large boards. As a result, tomorrow I plan to go to sessions on (among other things) Lockpicking, Hacking the Human Brain, 3D printing, and the Digital Divide.

This is so cool.

2 thoughts on “EuroFoo Day 1

  1. I have a camera, but no cable to connect it to my laptop – I foolishly left that at home. I won’t make that mistake again.

    Also, there are so many geeks here with cameras that I doubt I’d capture anything other people haven’t.