Gerv Is Away

I’m on holiday in Croatia from Monday 30th August to Monday 6th September. Here’s a list of people you can contact about various things in my absence.

Note that I’ve disabled comments on the entire blog while I’m gone, so I don’t have to delete 500 blogspam on my return. Apologies to those of you who wanted to continue conversations or comment on the MNG post. Blame the spammers, and then comment on the apng discussion list.

2 thoughts on “Gerv Is Away

  1. Mainly interesting to my Oxford crowd

    Poking around some of my old bookmarks (yes, I’m displacing), I discovered that Gerv has finally succumbed, despite all his former protests, and is now keeping a blog.

    It’s called Hacking for Christ and the title pretty much sums up the content, as …

  2. Hi Gerv! I happened to stumble on your blog while you were away. Wanted to post on mine to point mutual friends here, but until I could ask you about it I’ve set security filters on the post. Do you mind if I post publically saying ‘Hey, Gerv has a blog, go check it out’?

    It probably won’t make much difference, my blog doesn’t have a huge audience from outside LiveJournal. And you don’t seem to behaving terribly secretively (or I wouldn’t have posted at all). But it seems politer to ask anyway, if you want linkiness or not.