Just Say No

One of Asa’s recent blog entries (get a link style different from your text, dude! :-) refers to a New York Times article (sacrifice of first-born child required) about switching from IE to Firefox.

Ms. Sandlin is so devoted to her browser that she has taped a note to her monitor warning guests not to click on the desktop shortcut to Internet Explorer. “Do not touch the blue ‘E!’ ” the note says.

That makes me think – we could do a really good anti-drugs spoof website about making the switch. Some slogans: “(E) rots your brain”. Or “Bugs – just say no.”

Comment with your ideas :-)

3 thoughts on “Just Say No

  1. His page usually has a different text style – the links are underlined. Unfortunately if you have your browser set up not to underline links until they’re hovered (I do), it does make them hard to spot :)

  2. That’s cool. It’s fairly predictable that Mozilla products will be popular with clued-up techies. It is most encouraging to see Mozilla products being popular even with someone who evidently doesn’t know how to delete a shortcut off the Windows desktop, and who therefore represents a key target sector of the market. Says a lot about usability.