Killer Squirrel

Everyone has their own scheme for machine naming, and there’s been some good advice written on the subject. But this issue can cause more strife than one might expect. A quote from that second document:

One thing that is a given is that, unless you are the only person at
your site, there will be people violently, in some cases homicidally, opposed to whatever naming scheme you come up with. Live with it.

All the machines I control are named using my “cute innocent furry mammal” scheme. I have had, at one point or another, badger, vole, dormouse, hedgehog (yeah, so it’s not furry – sue me) and otter.

I even called one of them “squirrel”, because it lived in the loft. But in that particular case, perhaps I should be rethinking that “cute and innocent” designation.

5 thoughts on “Killer Squirrel

  1. In my old company we used to name the servers after (dead preferably killed ;-) american presidents

    When we had too many machines and named one of them Monica (lewinsky), that kinda killed the the scheme

    ps. The manager who started the scheme was American :-P

  2. My University department used to use Himalayan mountains. The biggest problem was that no-one other than than the sysadmin could remember how to spell hostnames! (Other than the servers, Everest and K2) obviously)

  3. Our company uses names of fishes (they’re in the net, after all!) and some related words. The problem is that fishes are running out and lately we have had fishes that I’ve never heard of.

    So I guess dead presidents are the next in line, then.

  4. i use names of sit com characters. [Chachi]
    also songs with names that are first names. [Bertha]

  5. In our company, machines are named from console, computer and other electronic stuff according to their respective power (the smallest of servers is supernes, a more powerful one is dreamcast).