Google Browser Stats Removed

osViews has kicked the can over. Cheers, lads.

“As a result of user feedback we have decided to focus our efforts on the international expansion of the Google Zeitgeist and will no longer be publishing data about Web browsers, operating systems and languages used to access Google. You can view historic data in the Google Zeitgeist archives.

The OS stats may have been dodgy, but the browser ones were extremely useful. I hope that Google will reconsider this decision, at least with respect to the browser statistics.

In the mean time, are there any other high-traffic sites with a cross-web-user demographic which publish web stats? (Please don’t tell me about w3schools.)

6 thoughts on “Google Browser Stats Removed

  1. > As a result of user feedback
    I wonder if this user was a Bill Gates who feared what coming results might show.

  2. You can always check > Ranking > Przegladarki [Browsers] and there You have:

    Polscy uzytkownicy [Polish users]
    Zagraniczni uzytkownicy [foregin users]
    Wszyscy uzytkownicy [all users]
    Porownanie [comparsion]
    Szczegolowo [details]

    Inside you can choose checkbox for browsers you want to compare and click on “dostosuj wykres” button to customize graph.

    I really belive that it’s the best browser stats all over the world. is a child site of gemius – absolutely the biggest polish web analistic company so of course those stats are fully representant for poland market.

  3. Well you’ve done a bit of can kicking yourself, and you’ve just repeated it – the stats were not “extremely useful”, they were just a bit of “fun”. OSViews may have been the been the straw that did the camel in, but clearly Google weren’t happy with people producing numbers from their little graphs and this was something that was inevitable…

    My understanding is that most large sites do analyse their stats, but only to make them available at a price and with non-disclosure terms. The information is valuable. As less sites publish, obviously the interest in those sites that do is going to increase…

    Moving into tinfoil-hat territory, but Google have just gone public… they don’t need people publishing browser wars stories based on their “fun” graphics.

  4. It’s browster stats. woo. real important. mozilla is up by half a millimeter. ::rolls eyes::