RIP FishCam

Maybe I’m the last to notice, but the Amazing Netscape FishCam appears to be no more. :-( The site is still there, but the last images are dated January 10th this year.

In April 2003, Eric Meyer redesigned the page to use web standards (presumably, it previously looked something like this) but obviously even Eric’s super CSS powers weren’t enough to save it…

Can anyone who works/worked at Netscape tell me what happened to it? Does Netscape/AOL still even own Building 21?

7 thoughts on “RIP FishCam

  1. weird.
    i was just looking at that site yesterday and wondering if it would ever be back.
    i think it was one of the first web sites i ever visited.

  2. The fish task is in the ‘grab and go’ area of
    Building 12, and the fish are still being looked after, but the cameras are not hooked up any more.

    Maybe we can get someone to post a snapshot every couple of weeks.

  3. We’ve got a FishCam running at my site

    Ocassionally, the PC running the Cam dies and it’s not updated, but otherwise it updates every 15 seconds.