Bugzilla Data Mining (3)

People were asking about the relative magnitudes of movements between products. This is somewhat relevant to the component reorganisation, although we’re not planning to do that until after 1.0. Still, here’s everything above 100, cleaned up to merge the Phoenix, Firefox and Firebird products.

From To Count Note
Browser NSPR 102
Camino Browser 107
MozillaClassic Browser 109
Webtools mozilla.org 120
PSM Browser 142
mozilla.org Browser 146
Browser mozilla.org 180
MailNews PSM 194
Bugzilla mozilla.org 202
Tech Evangelism Browser 207
Bugzilla Browser 229
Firefox Tech Evangelism 243
Browser Documentation 259
Browser Firefox 565
MailNews Browser 908
Browser MailNews 958
Firefox Browser 1321
Browser PSM 1328 (I think PSM split from Browser)
Webtools Bugzilla 1961 (Bugzilla was created from Webtools)
Browser Tech Evangelism 4568 (Partly creation of TE)

So some conclusions, then:

  • Even accounting for the original creation of Tech Evangelism, loads of TE bugs get misfiled. Hopefully, the new “report a broken site” webtool will help a lot here.
  • Three times as many Browser bugs get misfiled in Firefox as Firefox bugs in Browser. This is to be expected – people file it in the product they know.
  • Thunderbird hasn’t been around long enough to get that much data (it’s actually 50 MN->T, 99 T->MN, roughly in line with Firefox).
  • The MailNews/Browser split is about even.
  • Quite a few bugs are, or have been misfiled in the Bugzilla component. Recently, there’s been a big warning on the product selection page; it would be interesting to see if that’s made a difference.

5 thoughts on “Bugzilla Data Mining (3)

  1. I assume these are the bugs that have been moved already?

    Note that with the low QA that the Browser product is getting lately, a lot of Firefox bugs simply never get moved to the Firefox product. That’s a major reason for the proposed split up of Browser happening ASAP — it would reduce the chance of pre-1.0 Firefox issues being lost in Browser due to simple lack of QA.

  2. Boris: so that could be part of the reason Browser -> Firefox is lower than Firefox -> Browser. Fair point.

    I’m not planning to prove much using these figures; I think we all agree a reorg is necessary :-) I just posted them because there was interest.