Super Size Me – The “Debate”

mcdonalds-ad.pngBrowsing The Register, as one does, I couldn’t help but notice an intrusive box ad (see left.)

“Wow”, I thought. “McDonalds have set up a message board for people to discuss ‘Super Size Me’. How open-minded of them. I’m thinking of seeing it; let’s head over there and see what’s going on.”

Of course, that’s not what it is. It’s a carefully-worded, one-sided Flash-based effort. Of course, I doubt Super Size Me is a paragon of even-handedness, but still, using a site url of “” for this propaganda seems a bit rich.

The funniest bit is that a entire website specifically designed to minimise the damage to their business caused by Super Size Me has a ‘True or False’ which says:

True or False: “That film ‘Super Size Me’ has really got McDonald’s on the run.”

Answer: False…

12 thoughts on “Super Size Me – The “Debate”

  1. This whole ‘the facts’ nonsense, gets me every time, a ‘fact’ can be just as biased as any other source. Just as a photo can be just as misleading as a painting.

  2. That Super Size Me documentary was stupid. Of course you’re going to get fat if you consume 5000 calories and don’t excercise. What if the supersizing was on 5000 calories of French food?

  3. The “obesity epidemic” is just the latest in an ongoing series of phony health (and environmental) “crises” made up by paternalists who want to rob us all of the freedom to make our own lifestyle choices — a freedom that is the human right of every adult. Anyone who believes such scares needs to be sent to for a dose of common sense. And the lawyers who are trying to get rich off the scares should be in jail for extortion.

  4. Any reason for picking French food in particular?

    I didn’t think French were known for their healthy eating habits.

    Since SuperSizeMe portrayed Vegan lifestyle as pure and cleansing and whatnot, I’d rather have the guy consume 5000 calories of Vegan food every day and not exercise. And not just because I want to make a smart remark against the documentary. I really do want to see him do it. I’m curious what’d happen.

  5. to: John David Galt

    You are free to be as fat and obese as you like, just as long as you :

    1: do not try to sue the companies saying “I didn’t know it was bad, I’m soooo inocent and just a victim”

    2: Pay your own medical bills so I don’t have to use my money to help your fix your body.


  6. Henrik:
    I think John completely agrees with you — he was just looking at the bigger issue. The frivolous lawsuits are only a symptom of the problem, and I’m sure his sentiments echo yours exactly.

    Is your name a pseudonym (well, excluding the middle name), or is it your real name?

  7. who fucking cares…. people are getting starved to death in 3rd world countries. look at the bigger fucking picture morons.

  8. i think that the documentary was good… and no matter what, fast food will always be unhealthy. french fries are just as much as eating a salad there. its disgusting.

  9. If McDonald would build in some of those 3rd world countries, there might not be as much starvation.

  10. Hairybizness: that’s a ridiculous assertion! Are McDonalds going to give their food away for free? People are starving in 3rd world countries not because there’s no food to buy at any price, but because they are poor!