Trackbacks and Comments Disabled For Posts Older Than A Month

With a heavy heart, I have just gone through every post I’ve ever made older than a month, and disabled trackbacks and comments. Given MT’s lack of a trackback management interface, deleting dodgy trackbacks takes about 10 times as long per trackback, and I just can’t afford to spend that sort of time cleaning up.

The MozillaZine crew are working hard on solutions to the spam problem, but I don’t have an ETA, and so I feel I have to take this measure to save my sanity. Until such measures arrive, I will be periodically disabling these features on inactive posts once they get that old.

If anyone wants comments or trackbacks reopened on an old post, please email me and let me know, and I’ll do it immediately.

Update: Phil Ringnalda points out that MT does have an identical interface for managing Trackbacks to the one for comments – and it’s linked in the left hand bar. So how did I miss it?

  1. The “You have a trackback” email doesn’t have a link (as the “You have a comment” one does) to view/delete that trackback, which takes you to the list after using it.
  2. Deleting a trackback (or comment) from the Edit Entry screen takes you back to the Edit Entry screen, not the full list.
  3. I couldn’t find my own head if it were handed to me on a plate.

So, I never discovered it. <sigh>. Still, better late than never.

Update 2: The first two comments to my original post also point this out. I really am being dumb today.

5 thoughts on “Trackbacks and Comments Disabled For Posts Older Than A Month

  1. Will Firefox and Internet Explorer both work on my Dell computer w. XP, and not interfere with each other? How about Outlook Express and Thunderbird? I want to use Firefox and Thunderbird til summer of 2005 and then show my wife, a Teacher, how they work when she has some free time. She will continue with Internet Explorer and Outlook Express til then.

  2. If the MZ admins install MT-Blacklist, then you’ll have the option of forcing moderation on comments on entries older than x number of days. Trackbacks will still be allowed, I think.

  3. Phil: if you and your wife use seperate Windows XP usernames, you can set the Mozilla products as default on your own username without affecting the way your wife uses the computer either. Feel free to e-mail me for more info, as this is not really a blog detail.