50 thoughts on ““Will Work For Gmail Invite”

  1. I cant see any way to contact him, but if he somehow hears of this i will contribute my 6 gmail invites to the cause.

  2. If he’d done this back in early April I bet he’d have gotten takers, but Gmail is way, way, way too easy to get now if you want it and you’re involved with the Mozilla community, I think. Of course, that doesn’t explain the commentfests on any of Asa’s Gmail posts (or those of anyone else, for that matter)…

    If he needs more, I’ve got at least two that I could contribute. Apparently, only big-time givers get large numbers of invites to give away, because I’ve only used about 6 or so.

  3. Maybe we need to ask everyone to put thier gmail invites to this cause – no more total freebies

  4. This is a great idea, but I don’t know if it will work in practice. Gmail invites are so common these days that nobody wants to do any work to get them. But if you find that lots of people are contributing, and you run out of invites, feel free to poke me. I’ll throw in a bunch of invites too.

  5. I wasn’t aware of the BugAThon, I’ll try making a few testcases (already made one yesterday), but I already got a Gmail account and invites to spare. ;-)

  6. I need a gmail invite.
    Does anyone want to send me one?
    thanks a lot!
    my email :gejian_math@msn.com

  7. hello

    lol since everyone is asking for GMail invites i might aswell join in, who knows lol , someone may be generous enough to send me one, (i hope), lol anyway my email is ghost@free4ever.com.br, gmail invite would be very welcome, Thx

  8. hola a todos quisiera saber si ahi forma de que alguien me consiga una invitacion de suscripcion para gmail. gracias

  9. if someone can send me a gmail invite i’d be sooo greatfull. I’ve been looking for one for awhile now and I’m just about to buy one off ebay allready. So if someone can send me a gmail invite at halmjamin@yahoo.com you would really really make my day. Thanks!

  10. hey lemme get a gmail invite too
    i’m desperately in need of 1……
    need 2 format my coz some hell viruses & spywares
    are killin’ da hell outta my pc…..
    pls be generous & help…..
    So dat i can upload necessary data 2 my a/c …..
    HELP …. HELP….. HELP