Draft Trademark Policies For Review

We have several draft trademark policies available for review:

Please let us know what you think. We are particularly interested in inconsistencies and discrepancies between the different documents – I’m sure there are many – and unforseen effects that they might have. I’m sure you are all aware of our overall aims with these documents – to protect the Foundation trademarks while keeping trademark issues, as far as is possible, out of the hair of our partners, contributors and distributors. I would greatly appreciate help in making sure that our attempts to codify those aims actually does the job.

Having discovered from the earlier posts on Bugzilla changes that blog comments are not really the right place for an extended discussion, I’ve decided to use the right tool for the right job – i.e. something which supports threading, flagging and marking messages as read/unread – and started a newsgroup thread in netscape.public.mozilla.seamonkey for feedback. Let’s see if that works any better.

5 thoughts on “Draft Trademark Policies For Review

  1. Did a quick view of the FAQ and general policy, as that’s what I anticipate will attract the majority of traffic. Only comment is that there is no obvious way to contact the Visual Identity Team for high res logos, which forces people to dig, and isn’t helpful when deadline swings around.

  2. Gerv,

    Is the Mozilla Foundation ready to enbrace the Sunbird logo as a trademark at this time? Let me know what sort of statement, etc. you guys need and you’ve got it! Otherwise its still in my hands legally and I tried to state explicitily on my website that it is not GPL, LGPL, or MPL available (and why).

    Regards, Mark Carson (Sunbird logo developer).

  3. grayrest: True – I haven’t yet confirmed with them how they like to be contacted.

    Mark: send me an email, CCing Bart.

  4. I have been compiling unofficials builds for some time. And I modified them using some unreviewed patches (like MNG support) for my pet bugs.

    Once this draft becomes reality, what level would my builds qualify for? (Hopefully not Iceweasel?)

  5. amano: well, would you want someone else making builds exactly like yours, setting up websites and promoting them as Firefox? If not, then you can understand why we might say “Iceweasel”…

    Having said that, it rather depends on whether you are making them for yourself, as a part of the Mozilla Developer community and for development purposes, or for distribution. In practice, the first two are rather below the radar.