Parties on Seven Continents

Up until a few minutes ago, the mozparty webtool currently offers parties on six continents:

But now, I’m pleased to announce that, courtesy of Ethan Dicks at South Pole station, we’ve got the full set. It’s gone worldwide!

(And how’s this for a sig?)

Ethan Dicks, A-130-S      Current South Pole Weather at 19-Oct-2004 19:50 Z
South Pole Station
PSC 468 Box 400       Temp   -66 F (-54.5 C)    Windchill  -101.9 F (-74.40 C)
APO AP 96598          Wind  11.3 kts Grid 062   Barometer 675.8 mb (10784. ft)

2 thoughts on “Parties on Seven Continents

  1. Heh. A party on Antarctica. Count me in! (okay, not really, but hey, at least we can claim users on every continent without MS activists going “liars!”)