8 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With This Picture?

  1. I don’t personally think that Firefox competes with the best other alternative browser, Opera. It allows to zoom sites in relatively to the screen resolution with hardware-supported rendering. Therefore, people without glasses can read even the text written onto images without glasses.
    Shoul’ve been integrated into Firefox before version 1.0, the ImageZoom extension isn’t yet a real answer.

  2. @Mathe
    i agree, at least in terms of zooming. firefox provides definitely NOT the best solution for zooming web pages.
    but you can’t say firefox doesn’t compete with opera. because we has a different target audience. for the audience we try to target – beginner and professionals, firefox is the best solution, because it’s simple (for beginner) and it’s extensible (for professionals). even if opera tries to target the beginners too, it’s more for people in between: people that want to have many features, but don’t want to download many plugins.

  3. I tried Opera, but often when I wanted to print the web page I had to go back to IE to print. I cant remember the last time I had to exit Mozilla to print–maybe never. So to me Opera is a time waster.

  4. Firefox Is Compact and Faster than the other browsers. its perfect for the beginners who arent happy with the IE.

  5. I tried Opera for a year and I think it’s faster, less heavy and more complete than Firefox. However I switched to Firefox a year ago because it’s Open Source, more stable, secure and it’s developed by many volunteers.

  6. I blame Windows’ awful DPI-handling ability. I’m running a 96 DPI monitor at 96 DPI, and a 120 DPI monitor at 96 DPI. Since there’s only one setting for all monitors, I either get too-small or too-big text.