Firefox Language Coverage

Using some possibly plausible statistics, I’ve done a spreadsheet (OpenOffice Calc format) showing what percentage of the world Internet population we currently cover with Firefox localisations, and what percentage we’ll get when all the localisations listed here (i.e. the ones in CVS) are finished.

Headline numbers: we are currently at 88.3%, and we will get to 92.6% when we’ve finished Spanish (Spain), Dutch, Turkish and Slovak.

The missing big ones are (in order) Malay, Arabic, Thai, Vietnamese, Hindi and Farsi. We don’t seem to have as much impact in the far east… Getting all those would take us to 98.6%.

The middle four have at least had Firefox builds done before (see bottom of page), but the last Malay build of a product was Mozilla 1.0.1, and we’ve never had anything in Farsi. If you or anyone you know is interested in doing one of these languages, please contact the Mozilla Localisation Project staff.

I know Arabic, Thai, Hindi and Farsi are particularly complicated scripts – does anyone know if we fully support them yet?

14 thoughts on “Firefox Language Coverage

  1. Arabic should be working quite well, except text that uses combining diacritics, which have long standing bug.

    Thai is not easy, and I don’t believe Mozilla has ever made much to support it.

    They are some problem with Hindi (devenagari), but special builds should enable to overcome them all.

  2. Well I dont know about Linux builds. But, in windows world Hindi and other Indic languages are not properly supported. There rendering is totally faulty.

    I remember someone saying that support is as good as windows platform. But, I had seen in XP that even though indic fonts are rendered correctly on IE it is not the case with FF.


  3. Hindi certainly doesn’t work correctly using the Debian GNU/Linux package of 1.0. I have had some success with CTL builds in the past, but this sort of thing needs to just work without the user doing anything.

  4. Also, most internet users in India tend to use English, so there’s not that much demand for browsers in Hindi or other Indian languages

  5. Praveen,

    Firefox renders Hindi properly on Windows XP. I have been using it for long. It may be you do not have proper font installed.

    However, it does nto still work on Linux even with Pango.