I’m Back

OK, I’m back, and ploughing (sic; UK spelling) through the backlog of email. For your interest, I had 3036 gerv@mozilla.org messages (2007 spam, 1029 wanted), and 4715 gerv@gerv.net messages (4465 spam, 250 wanted) waiting for me. Normal service will be resumed… eventually ;-)

Congratulations to everyone involved in hitting the target date for the Firefox release, and who contributed to a fine piece of software. I’m also looking forward to Thunderbird 1.0, currently scheduled for the second week in December.

6 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Welcome back.
    However posting your e-mail address in your post will only increase the terrible spam you are getting :D

  2. Assuming you are using Thunderbird for email, how well did the junk mail detection work? It seems like you had a fair enough sample.

  3. Greg: actually, I’m still using the suite (1.7 final) on my home computer. The junk mail detection was OK – 90% plus, and only one or two false positives. And I believe the algorithm has been improved since in Thunderbird builds.

    I must get around to switching over… but I miss being able to middle-click links in mail messages to get them to open in new tabs. Has this integration been implemented yet under KDE?