Firefox To Change Name Again

San Francisco, 25th January 2004 – The Mozilla Foundation (NASDAQ: MOZ) announced today that its ground-breaking Firefox browser would be renamed “FoxGoo” with immediate effect.

“With lead developer Ben Goodger now being paid by Google, it seemed an ideal time to rebrand. Again.” commented Mitchell Baker, the project’s Chief Name Changer. “We feel that the name ‘FoxGoo’ more clearly represents our commitment to standards, innovation and choice of integrated search on the Internet. Well, maybe not the ‘choice’ part.”

“Google have decided that it would be much easier to get some mindshare from Firefox’s, I mean FoxGoo’s success than develop their own browser. I, for one, welcome our new non-evil search overlords”, said Asa Dotzler, the Foundation’s head of QA, Community Relations and Beard Studies.

Godzilla could not be reached for comment yesterday.

24 thoughts on “Firefox To Change Name Again

  1. caaaaareful!

    when such important news are published in such a casual bloggy-thing, some people might misunderstand it as ironic. the concept of “irony” turns something into the contrary, which you surely do not intend!

  2. Hmm,


    Can anyone spot a pattern emerging? Think I might just have to register the goofox domain before someone else does!!

  3. In the spirit of the open source, maybe getting some input for the vast source of users might be in order. The transition from Firebird to Firefox seemed logical. Firegoo just leaves me cold. Bet there are some very creative type that could come up with a blend of central ideas in the words “Fire” and “Google”, hopefully something more appealing than Firegoo.

  4. Can I kill you now for using that old, dead and God forsaken joke about “welcoming our new overlords”?

    Seriously, it was kinda funny in a “making fun of the typical slashdot post” kinda way. :-D

  5. Well, maybe there’ll be an extension to change it back. Like Firesomething, but with the one name. Because that sounds like something you buy from Spencer’s.

  6. I didn’t really take this announcement seriously either but the bible getting it’s way in Gecko browsers didn’t yield a casual feeling to this blog.

    Also I was unaware that this blog does not publically post email addys (my props on that specifically). Now I won’t post bs addys here. :-)