VisitorVille are a Web analysis company, with the unusual ability to break down their results by company – presumably, by checking the records of which IP addresses are allocated to which organisation. They gather their data from sites within “a network of thousands of web sites” – although which sites those are isn’t immediately clear.

Although the results should be taken with a large pinch of salt, a great deal of fun can be had observing, for example, how large companies don’t really eat their own dogfood.

For example:

Fortunately, the Mozilla Foundation appears not to be in their database, so I can poke fun without potential embarrassment ;-)

5 thoughts on “VisitorVille

  1. Erik: I know that. This only shows that VisitorVille’s browser sniffing scripts isn’t very reliable (even with IE6 identification set in the Opera browser it still has the word “Opera” in HTTP_USER_AGENT).

  2. …and now it’s been Slashdotted. “An anonymous reader” submitted the article, which is basically a amplified rewrite of this blog post. Ah, well.