Yahoo! Toolbar for Firefox

Yahoo! have released a beta of their search toolbar as a Firefox extension (release notes). The blog post says: “the Yahoo! Toolbar Beta is just one of many Firefox goodies you can expect to see from us this year, so stay tuned.”

Point of interest:

  • It’s the first digitally-signed Firefox extension I’ve come across
  • It’s out for Firefox first – “Please check again in the future for updates that will support Mozilla and Netscape”
  • It only works for US-based Yahoo IDs, and has only been tested on Windows

5 thoughts on “Yahoo! Toolbar for Firefox

  1. This is a good move, but I would just like to play devils advocate and warn that this could soon lead to a future where users get Firefox toolbars by MSN, Yahoo, AOL etc installed automatically when they download any of their software (such that currently happens with Yahoo and MSN already on IE) and users could end up with half a ton of annoying toolbars on firefox. This possibility should definitely be taken into consideration for Firefox 1.5/2

  2. The version I tried to download from that site wasn’t digitally signed, but it appears that they’ve done a 0.2 beta release since the page was written.