Bugzilla 300,000 Bug Sweepstake

It’s that time again! :-) The bugzilla.mozilla.org bug database is about to hit another major milestone and, as is traditional, I’m running a sweepstake on exactly when that will be.

So, please email me giving the date and time you think bug 300,000 will be filed. Your entry should be on the first line of your email, and formatted as follows:

2005-04-01 11:09:46 – gerv@mozilla.org

All times are in ZST (‘Zilla Standard Time, a.k.a. PST Update 2005-03-17: make that ‘the time on Bugzilla timestamps’ – I forgot about Daylight Savings), and the email address should be your Bugzilla ID. If you prefer to be contacted on a different address, add that as well, below the entry line. We have ample graphs and charts to help you with your assessment.

Last time we did this, it got covered on Slashdot and lots of random people entered. But I think this should be a Mozilla community event so a) please don’t post this to Slashdot or any other non-Mozilla-focussed news source, and b) entrants must have a Bugzilla account on bugzilla.mozilla.org created before the end of February 2005, and which has done something useful in the past six months.

I’m obviously not going to check each entry, but I’ll check the “winners”, and keep discarding entries until I find the closest one which meets these criteria. The judge’s decision is final, and any funny business regarding the filing of bugs on or around the 300,000 mark will be frowned upon. The closing date for entries is midday ZST on Tuesday 22nd March. The winner will get some Mozilla or Firefox merchandise – exact amount and nature to be decided.

Lastly, please do not attempt to hijack bug 300,000 and turn it into some sort of “celebration” bug. It should be a legitimate bug report like any other, and dealt with as such. Let’s party somewhere more fun :-)

13 thoughts on “Bugzilla 300,000 Bug Sweepstake

  1. Um, the link to Charts tells me i’m not authorized to do that, even though I’m logged in to Bugzilla.

  2. Hmm. You should be able to view charts, even if you can’t create a new data set. If you still see the problem, file a bug with steps to reproduce.

  3. Same here, not authorized. And I’m not sure a bug would be much use, since it would boil down to:
    1) Click on link in Gerv’s blog.
    2) Log in as me.
    3) No love.

  4. I can play with the charts just fine (as in, I have no idea what I’m doing but I can select values and get pretty graphs). I just have canconfirm and editbugs permission bits on my account.

  5. I am also able to get graphs (like Alex, I don’t know what I’m doing). I also have canconfirm/editbugs.

  6. reports.cgi works fine but i’m not allowed to view the chats.cgi – although I defenitly loged in. I have no rights, though.

  7. It may have something to do with the permission bits. I couldn’t get into charts.cgi yesterday, and today I got editbugs and now I have no problems.

  8. Well you can’t keep anything a secret from Google. Below is on of the related links from my gmail account while I was reading a bugzilla message.

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  9. So…how do you create a graph in bugzilla that shows the total number of bugs?

    This is more of a personal question, but it’s clearly related :)

  10. Bah – I answered my own question after a little poking around: new chart with all of the statuses summed (new, assigned, resolved reopened, closed, unconfirmed, verified).