Domain Usage Agreement Released

At long last, we’ve finally managed to produce an agreement people can sign if they want to use a domain name with one of the Mozilla Foundation trademarks in (e.g. “Firefox” or “Mozilla”). Apologies to all those people who have been waiting for this.

5 thoughts on “Domain Usage Agreement Released

  1. I wonder about, too… We do marketing and support on Firefox for free w/o *any* ADs, and the Foundation can say when they want to stop it. I don’t like this agreement, and don’t agree with it, but we will send a copy of this Application to them.

  2. I’ve come across this blog quite by chance and I’m wondering if my use of “mozilla-fan” in my domain name ( should be licensed by the Mozilla Foundation.

    I’ve just read the licensing document ( : it says “it’s fine to call your site a name like Fire*, *Fox, etc. If you want to call it MozSomething, you need to ask, but we are pretty likely to say Yes.”

    Gosh it looks like I’m in it – oh bother, the letter will take ages to get over the Ocean and the whole of the US to California, if it ever gets there. If I’d been thinking about that before creating the Web site I’d have devised another name — an anagram would have been fine!

    Don’t misread me — I’m not complaining about the licence.

    Just to make sure : I use the former Mozilla banner as the top banner on some pages of my Web site (complete with title and href to Is it all right? — What I’ve read in the licensing document doesn’t seem to mention the use of a top banner on a Web site index pages.

    Perhaps I’d better email the licensing people.

    mozilla fan (oops ;-)