Are Scuzzballs

Jed: “Hey, I know a great business model! Let’s profit from the hard work of others by selling what they are giving away for free!”

Ted: “Er, Jed, isn’t making money from people’s ignorance a bit unethical?”

Jed: “Unwhat, sorry?”

Ted: “Unethical.”

Jed: <looks concerned> “Ted, are you feeling OK?”

Ted: <shakes head> “Sorry, don’t know what came over me there. Let’s sign up for Google ads for the ‘firefox‘ keyword. That’ll be sure to bring the suckers in…”

12 thoughts on “ Are Scuzzballs

  1. Wow, they really go all out.

    “This is a recurring charge, and may be canceled at any time.” (shaded message at checkout screen)
    “Yes, I also want to backup my DVDs $9.95 (39.95 value)” (shaded checkbox, checked by default)

  2. Check out the hilarious “testimonials” on the right hand side! :)

    “I came for Internet Explorer, I left with 100’s of other programs. Thanks for putting everything in one place.
    – Troy B.”

  3. or this :

    “Disclaimer: This website has no affiliation whatsoever with the owner of this software program, and provides ONLY a link to the software program.”


  4. Mozilla Developer: Hey look, here is some assholes selling our work — for the exact same thing they could download for free from us!
    Mozilla Developer #2: How horrible.
    Mozilla Developer: I know what I’ll do! I’ll get all of the big bloggers for Mozilla to write and link to them! And condemn them to hell!
    Mozilla Developer #2: Won’t that just increase their Google pagerank, thus increasing the chance that they’ll be seen as reputable in the Google search rankings?
    Mozilla Developer: Who cares! We need to _condemn_ them to hell!

    Just joking. But my point stands, I don’t think linking to them is a great idea.

  5. They’re even selling access to Google ??? I think Ben can now place a phone call to the company shark^^^^^lawyer :-)

  6. Oh come on… be nice to the name ‘Jed’ :D.

    Yeah, it seem quite a few different companies are bootlegging off of Firefox in Google Ads and trying to make a profit.


  7. Why doesn’t the mozilla group just enforce their copyrights? They definetly have the ability to do so (money obviously isn’t a problem). You can probably give google a heads-up on the problem first though.

  8. imo, a great deal of the shame should go to google. they should simply refuse obvious fraude for their ads (it makes them valueless anyway). didnt they come up with a ‘not evil’ slogan or something? maybe its time to revise it.

  9. Barry: they aren’t breaking copyright law. They aren’t copying anything. They may be breaking trademark law, however – it’s a little hard to say. After all, they are using the name in a truthful sense to describe the service they are providing. Of course, IANAL.

    alanjstr: I am licensing@mofo :-)