QuickText Extension

This is an update on my search for a Thunderbird extension to help me deal with large volumes of email, most of which requires the same response because people don’t read FAQs.

For the past few weeks, I’ve been happily using Emil Hesslow’s QuickText extension, which does exactly what I need. Many thanks and kudos to Emil. I’d recommend QuickText to anyone else who finds themselves repeating the same things in email after email.

7 thoughts on “QuickText Extension

  1. Thanks. I’m working on a new version which is going to have a lot of new features and is more made towards supportcenters.

    For example:
    * unlimted number of text to insert
    * insert text direct from a text-file
    * Varibles so you can have [[TO_FIRSTNAME]] in the text that is replaced automatical with the firstname of reciever. The name is pick from the addressbook if the person exists there and if not I parse the mailaddress to get the firstname. There will be about 20 varibels you can play with.
    * Hopefully file-support so you can specify a directory instead of saving the texts in the prefs. Which makes so many people can share the same texts.

  2. Emil, while you are here: Your extension is great, really, but I would very much appreciate it, if I could just select a mail and use the keyboard shortcut, to automatically append the text and reply, without the need to press reply, klick beneath the text, append the text and press send.

  3. Emil: please don’t implement Abdulkadir’s request unless you can make the extension also correctly trim the original mail! And even then, only do it as an option – I certainly don’t want to auto-send.

    Not trimming when replying is just impolite, because it makes the recipient have to scroll past loads of their own writing to get to your message.

    Alternatively, it could do a reply without including any of the original mail at all. That would be OK.

  4. I have to admit ;-) that I still use SeaMonkey for mail, but I can’t find that extension for Seamonkey. Am I missing something or do I really have to switch before TB1.1 is out?
    (Enigmail is currently not working with Moz1.8b1 either :-( )

  5. Hi Emil,

    I really like your quicktext plugin. And great that you’re working on inserting files as well. How are you doing on that?