Next Op

Those of you paying very careful attention may have noticed that I didn’t disappear on April 13th, as previously advertised. My second mouth operation was postponed two weeks, so I am now due to go in on Wednesday. I hope to be out early the following week, but I’ll be taking some more time off to recuperate.

After that, I have six weeks of daily radiotherapy to look forward to :-).

11 thoughts on “Next Op

  1. Good luck, and I hope it goes well. My mother had radiotherapy for her breast cancer so I have some idea about what you’re going through.

  2. Hi Gerv, long time no speak. In typical fashion I’d managed to miss hearing about all this at all. All I can say really is I wish you well and hope it all goes as well as possible. I’ll give you a call/mail at some point (when I fail to forget for once).

  3. Gerv,

    I wish you strenght and faith. Both you certainly have, but you can never have too much of it.
    It was a really fascinating experience meeting you at FOSDEM and I will pray for you, that you win this fight and that we will meet again many times, in all those many years to come.

    Best wishes from Germany . . . Martin

  4. Holy crap. I completely missed all of this. I had no idea. You’ll definetly be in my prayers. Best wishes, and my God truly be with you. :)