Netscape 8 To Be Released On Thursday

You heard it here first. Apparently it’s quite different to the beta, because several features which weren’t ready then are now.

My informant tells me: “tell anyone you like, as long as it doesn’t end up on”

10 thoughts on “Netscape 8 To Be Released On Thursday

  1. Yes, blog criticism is _so_ pesky. It lets people talk about our product, even if they don’t like it!!!

  2. Blake’s undressing of NS8 in his blog has been, and will shortly be very important. If NS have *still* not fixed these most basic of issues highlighted then… No wait, let me rephrase that – If NS *do* fix these most basic of issues, it’ll be a miracle!

  3. Where are the Mac and Linux versions of NS 8? Will they be released as well??

  4. Oh yes, dreaming of Netscape 8.0 for Mac and Linux.
    I always wanted an easy way to switch between Gecko and IE-Engine on Linux … oh, wait a minute … ;-)

  5. I’m starting to seriously doubt whether Netscape’s development tree is even going to extend to Mac and POSIX. Netscape already exists at version 8.0.2 for windows. i think we should all send emails to netscape in rapid succession- the resulting DoS will give them time to think long and hard about how worthwhile it is to lose the mac and POSIX markets.